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Condon's Bridal Boutique has a deep Lowcountry history.  The bridal shop continues a family tradition that began more than a century ago with Condon's Department Store.  Founded in 1896, Condon's was located Downtown with storefronts on King and Warren Streets, and, in its later history, West of the Ashley and Summerville.  The department store was a longstanding Charleston tradition, with many customers recalling the famous "carousel" where countless Lowcountry children tried on their new shoes. During Condon's long history, the bridal department outfitted hundreds of Charleston brides.

Following the department store's closing, Frances Condon opened Condon's Bridal Boutique.  Frances worked at Condon's Department Store nearly all her life, and wanted to continue helping brides.  While working at the store, Frances' father, James Joseph Condon, Sr., taught her the importance of outstanding customer service, and she continues that tradition today.  Since opening the shop in 1999, she has worked with many brides--many of whom grew up shopping at the department store.  With superior customer service and Frances' decades of experience, Condon’s Bridal is able to offer brides an unparalleled shopping experience.


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